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Virtual Assistant in Kenya

Don't let the little, daily stuff consume your time.


We've built virtual teams to take care of that, so that you can free your time and focus


The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that we live and operate in an unbounded world. It's an opportunity for us to re-imagine our business without space limitations

We've built remote workforce support capabilities so that you can scale your business with zero upfront cost. You don't have to spend too much time and money hiring. You don't have to spend colossal amounts buying more computers, desks or leasing more office space - well, unless you want to.

Start immediately with our trained remote teams!

HR & Admin | Marketing | Personal Assistant | Research | Accounts Assistant | Debt Collection & Billing | Social Media Management | Data Entry

Virtual Assistants

24/7 Customer Service Support

Working from home (WFH) or remote locations is the new reality for businesses of all sizes. 

With our managed remote workforce, we help you scale fast with our on-demand 24/7 teams. Our goal is to flexibly and consistently help you deliver superior customer experience - all the time, across all platforms. Our services helps you manage the surge in activities, keep customers more engaged and perpetually keep your brand rating high. We keep real time conversations with your customers through chat, email and social media - all in one platform.

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Social Media

Manage Churn. Amplify your Brand loyalty. Drive conversations. Increase sales conversions

The business environment has evolved so fast and customers are not willing to wait. They need instant feedback to enable them make decisions. Businesses have realized that keeping customers engaged reduces churn and as well as building a community of loyal customers. We keep your Customer interactions Live so that you can concentrate on your core business without worrying that you could lose touch with your customers.

We're More than that...

We provide high quality Virtual Assistant services, supporting organizations in East Africa and Europe. Majority of our virtual assistants work from Kenya.

Kenya-based, college-educated

Virtual Assistants

We only work with college-educated Virtual Assistants who live in Kenya. We have a very elaborate hiring process that ensures that we tap the right candidates with the right skills for our clients' assignments.

Why Kenya?

  • Kenya enjoys one of the fastest internet connectivity in Africa,

  • Kenyans are good English language speakers

  • Kenya has an impressive entrepreneurial culture that makes it possible to build a thriving, high energy and talented remote workforce.


Dedicated Virtual Assistants supported by specialists

While all of our Virtual Assistants can handle general administrative tasks, they each have their own professional experience, preferences, and talents. We're very intentional in aligning our team with tasks that best matches with their areas of expertise and interest. We pick the best one for you. If your Virtual Assistant can’t handle a specific task at any time, they get help from a specialist, or the specialist will take over such tasks (at no extra cost to you).

Skills that match your needs

Our Virtual Assistants are trained in their core areas of expertise. They already have tons of experience working for clients remotely and can help you with your internal processes. We match you to the Virtual Assistant whose existing skills will make the biggest impact and deliver on assigned tasks quickly and efficiently.

You can reach out directly to your Virtual Team on phone or email whenever you need to conduct product or process training or to get aligned on the work that he/she is performing.

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The Work-from-Home model promises greater access to talent, increased productivity for individuals and small teams, lower costs, more individual flexibility, and improved employee experiences.

Discover our virtual services. Our VAs are trained and have 5+ years of experience in their respective areas of work. You take very little time to orient them to the tasks they'll be undertaking. 


Telemarketing, send email campaigns, surveys and manage customer queries.

Data Entry

Working with Excel, CMS, CRM. Transferring manual data into Google sheets. Data cleaning. Data visualization

Social Media Management

Create posts, track engagements and keep conversations with your online audience live

HR & Admin

Keep all your HR files updated and well organized in G-Drive, schedule interviews, onboarding support and performance of other regular Admin tasks

Research & Data Collection

Get information quickly to make informed decisions. Field Data Collection. Surveys. M&E. FGDs facilitation

Accounts & Bookkeeping

Get virtual account Assistants

Personal Assistant

Manage your Email Inbox. Book meetings. Remain focused on your top priorities while we get you to inbox zero

Debt Collection/Billing

Let us do the invoicing for you, send payment reminders to your customers and update customer payments

Who needs Virtual Assistants?

Senior Executives





Church Leaders

Non-Governmental Organizations

Medium & small businesses


And you, probably!

How it works...

Working with a Virtual Assistant is easier than ever before. Just request a consultation and let our client support team know what you’re looking for. They'll find the perfect VA for your needs, and you can start delegating immediately!

It's easy! Find out how you can build your remote support teams in less than a week. 


Whether you are a startup with 1 staff or a growing organization with 5,000 employees, we're here to help your business scale with a highly-skilled, professionally trained Virtual Assistants.

Find out more how you can engage virtual teams at much less time and cost!


One more thing...

One thing startups struggle with is the uncertainties that comes with setting up a new business. You're never sure how things will pan out and therefore you cannot make long-term hiring decisions.

We can help you recruit, contract and set up your team on short term engagement in Kenya and other East African countries - and have your business start running. If you live outside the East African region, we can put your A-team together and get you off the ground much faster without the need for you to travel over.

We unlock the power of Basecamp to get you super organized and collaborate better with your Virtual Assistants

Basecamp 2.png

Why Basecamp?

  • It's super easy for our clients to set up. No need to learn anything new. 

  • You can assign tasks, track progress, chat with your VAs, share and store docs and files, ask questions and schedule meetings - all in one space.

  • Your VA can work with different persons/teams or projects without the necessity of sending numerous emails. 

  • Easy to track communication flow in one space. You can see all responses on a project or topic at one glance.


Discover more about Remote work.


We've put together amazing resources for you. 

  • Articles

  • Whitepapers

  • Guides

  • Interviews

We connect with best technology tools and platforms to create a seemless support experience

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