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Recruiting the right people for your business is hard. It’s even harder for startups. Startup Founders also knows very well that the success of their business much depends on the team they hire. As Steve Jobs once famously said, “When you’re in a startup, the first 10 people will determine whether the company succeeds or not. The people whom you choose to hire can have a major impact on the ultimate success of your business. This fact puts a lot of pressure of Startup Founders. Sifting through hundreds of applications to spot the right candidates can also be excruciatingly tedious yet you may have other critical parts of the business like fundraising to take care of.

Startups have unique requirements and at LEE & MYLES we take care of this. We know that the most brilliant candidate with a rich corporate background might not be the right candidate for a startup. Someone coming from a structured corporate environment may find it hard to cope and deliver in a usually unstructured, startup environment. Most Startups and growth stage companies are constantly looking for the talent with the right mix of skills and exposure.

Often, you’ll find yourself hiring for very generalist roles, and there’s a lot of difficulties projecting the exact skillset required for the future. This means that you’ll require candidates with possible combinations of skills. You’ll need an IT Assistant who is also good in marketing, has competence in managing social media and possibly can do graphic design. You might require a Finance Officer who can also handle HR and other internal administrative roles. This is a typical startup environment where a lean team of FEW PEOPLE are playing the roles of MANY PEOPLE.

At LEE & MYLES Recruitment, we also know that it takes an entrepreneur to succeed in an entrepreneurial business – which is what most startups are. Therefore, we’ve developed Competence Indicators that blends personality, skills-set, soft skills and background to zero in on the most talented, right candidate for your startup business.

Some of our recruitment executives handling startup recruitment assignments have been senior business executives working for startup companies in different markets of Africa. They understand to the last detail the pain startups goes through and how to efficiently get you the right people. We’ve successfully recruited across all hierarchies for Fintech, Logistics, Healthcare, E-commerce, FMCG, Real Estate and Agribusiness startup companies.

Our goal is not just to fill a position. We commit to getting you the right people from the start and also help you with your future recruitment needs as you scale up.

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