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Our HR Outsourcing services has two perspectives:

  1. Outsourcing the HR Management
    This mostly focuses on the administrative aspects of your HR function. The scope will include: HR administration of contracts, Job descriptions, leave management, performance management, disciplinary process & grievance management, HR policy manual development and implementation and payroll administration. We commit one of our experienced HR Manager/officer to take care of your organization’s affairs. This can be on full time or part-time basis depending on the work demand at hand and our client’s preference.

  2. Labour-Outsourcing
    We provide and manage temporary or contract staff on behalf of our clients at agreed terms and services. Some of the key positions we outsource include: Merchandisers, Accounts Assistants, Data Entry staff, receptionists, admin assistants, supermarket attendants, cleaners, office tea girl, messengers, drivers, housekeepers, waiters, cooks, security officers, gardeners, plumbers, electricians, painters, nurse aids for home based care etc.


We supervise our outsourced staff performance, sign service level agreements (SLA) with our clients while ensuring we comply with all labor and statutory obligations. With our staff outsourcing services, your project and temporary work gets done with one phone call. We'll take care of the entire process -  from interviewing, hiring, drawing contracts, managing salary disbursement, maintaining personnel and payroll records, maintaining liability, fidelity, insurance cover and any other process or administrative work as you desire.

This services also comes with HR Management system and Payroll system to make employee information management easy and efficient. Each client is allocated an account that they can access and extract information for management consumption and decision making. This way, we manage your employer and employee records while keeping necessary information accessible to you 24/7.


As your business grows, employee management becomes increasingly complex. Managing the administration of all employees becomes hard and often very expensive. At this point the senior HR managers can easily lose sight of their strategic goals within the organization as they sink in day-to-day administrative work.


By outsourcing your staff management and obligations to us, you effectively reduce your organizational burdens as you no longer have to face these daily operational challenges.

Our staff outsourcing services are aimed at ensuring our clients focus on their core business while accessing efficient staff administration services, expert statutory compliance along with dedicated HR support.


We manage hundreds of employees on behalf of our clients allowing them to scale and improve on business efficiencies without being weighed down by operational issues.

We offer end to end staff outsourcing services and take care of the entire outsourced staff lifecycle – recruitment & selection, on-boarding, staff management, separation, and payroll management.



Benefits of well managed Human Resource Outsourcing

  1. Focus on core businesses
    We take the burden of HR off your plate so you can concentrate on your core elements of your business. We’ll take away all the tedious and burdensome administrative work and help you manage your staff and HR administrative tasks more efficiently.

  2. HR expertise - You enjoy our best-in-class HR services. If you do not have or intend to hire/establish an HR department yet, we’re there to move you to full compliance.

  3. Flexibility - You can trim or increase your workforce depending on the level of activity within the business. This ability to keep your workforce as fluid as possible enables your business to keep the HR capital optimized all the time.

  4. Risk Management - When employees are contracted by us, it means that the client is cushioned against possible litigation, industrial actions e.t.c. This will be on us and not the client's.

  5. Reduce employee downtime - We always maintain a rich database of suitable candidates that we’ve pre-screened for the recurring roles with our clients. This means that we can quickly fill in the gaps as they arise.

  6. Cut on HR audit Inadequacies - We ensure best practice and compliance with the existing labor laws which improves employee motivation and general HR function rating.

If you need staff outsourcing services, write to us:

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