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Our shortlisting service is intended to help you cut your recruitment cost by as much as 5X while still retaining full control on your internal recruitment process.


LEE & MYLES Recruitment offers shortlisting services to clients who wants to handle entire hiring process in-house but do not have enough time to go through tonnes of CVs from job applicants.

Whenever organizations advertise for a vacancy, they receive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applications. Sifting through the CVs to identify candidates that meets the set criteria is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's excruciatingly tedious and in some cases, hiring managers don't get to spot the best among the applicants due to time constraints. There are always a dozen other competing tasks to be attended to.


LEE & MYLES Recruitment understands that screening of applicants to find the best talent and the right fit for a position is an essential but also a time-consuming undertaking. While most companies want to have full control on the hiring process, the sheer amount of labour required to go through the applications is always a pain.  Our tailored CV/Resume screening services is designed to enable you make quick hiring decisions while having full control on the recruitment process.


We also understand that most organizations, especially the SMEs, opt to go through the pain of shortlisting by themselves because of budgetary constraints - with their lean budget, they cannot afford to hire the services of a recruitment agency because of prohibitively high recruitment fees. With our shortlisting services, you can focus on the critical parts of your business and still get the right candidates with little spend.

We take away the burden and ensure that you spend your precious time to meet only the most suitable candidates. Typically, we share 5 - 12 CVs of the most suitable candidates depending on your preference.

How Shortlisting process works

STEP 1: Advertising the vacancy
We work very closely with you to develop a job description for each role. We place the job advert with online job boards. We also broadcast to our thousands of candidates in our database via email and SMS blast.

STEP 2: CV Review & Screening
As we receive applications, we simultaneously screen and sort the CVs based on your job requirements. This is to ensure that by the time the application window closes, we're also wrapping up on our shortlisting. At this stage, we'll have a shortlist of around 20 - 30 candidates.

STEP 3: Review of core selection requirements
We further vet the candidates in step 2 above, matching them closely to the role requirements - skills-set, experience, education and training and other special requirements. Candidates are weighted and ranked on Score-sheet. We pick the top 10 -15 candidates.

STEP 4: Phone Screening
This is phone interview where we ask candidates to gauge their competence on few most critical parts of the role, assess technical understanding and leadership skills, where necessary.

After this process, we share with you 5 - 12 CVs of the best scored candidates for your consideration. 

We can save you enormous amount of time by helping you do shortlisting/screening process. Contact us today.

+254 741 48 17 42 or

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Why Choose our shortlisting services?

  1. Saves you as much as 5X the cost you would incur for a full recruitment service.

  2. Gives you full control on your internal recruitment process. With the large pool of candidates we share with you, you have a bigger space to determine who to call for interviews

  3. Saves you enormous amount of time. Looking for suitable candidates among the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applicants is one of the biggest time consuming - and boring - task for HR/Hiring Managers. We take away this pain so that you can spend your valuable time on more strategic parts of your business.

  4. Quick Turnaround time - we're able to give a much faster turnaround time in shortlisting since we have someone fully committed to each of our client's assignment



Just focus your valuable time on the most critical part of the hiring process


Fast turnaround time improves your overall performance and candidate experience


Shortlisting is handled expertly by our experienced teams so that you get the best results

Saves $$

Gives you complete control of the hiring process while saving you time and money 

We expertly handle the shortlisting process and share with you 5 - 12 CVs of highly suitable candidates depending on the number you need. This saves you time and money while you still maintain full control of your in-house recruitment process.

Have you considered building remote, agile teams to help you build or scale your business - even in most uncertain times?

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that we live and operate in an unbounded world. It's an opportunity for us to re-imagine our business without space limitations

Remote 3.jpg

We've built remote workforce support capabilities so that you can scale your business with zero upfront cost. You don't have to spend too much time and money hiring. You don't have to spend colossal amounts buying more computers, desks or leasing more office space - well, unless you want to.

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