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Psychometric tests are the pre-employment tests organizations use to measure the behavioral capacity and mental capabilities of people they intend to hire. These assessments are primarily intended to gauge whether the candidate is suitable for a particular role based on two core skills – personality and skills. They are used to measure the hard-to-see skills which cannot be objectively and accurately evaluated during a face to face interview.

During the hiring process, employers make effort to gather as much relevant information on their candidates as possible. The challenge is that traditional methods of recruitment as we know it — screening resumes/CVs and interviews — often don't yield the best insight about the candidates. CVs alone can be unreliable. Research indicates that up to 75% of resumes contain misleading information and in some cases outright lies. Hiring managers will agree that they often encounter lies and exaggerations in candidate’s CV’s/resumes. Similarly, interviews — especially unstructured ones — are highly subjective and may give little predictors of job performance.

Psychometric or Pre-employment Tests (Aptitude, personality and skills tests) offers well-validated tests that are reliable and objective in gathering job-related information on candidates. Pre-employment tests makes the recruitment process more objective and accurate by providing unbiased results that can be standardized across all applicants. Hiring Managers can then use these data to make better hiring decisions.

Pre-employment testing can drastically reduce the time you spend reading resumes and conducting interviews. More importantly, they help you avoid the pain, disappointments and the costs that comes with wrong hires. Reducing the chances of wrong hires will ultimately translate a healthy bottom line, increased workforce productivity and reduced turnover.

LEE & MYLES Recruitment has partnered with one of the leading Pre-Employment Tests technology companies in the US to help organizations in Kenya and East Africa conduct Aptitude, Personality and Skills Tests quickly and cost effectively.

We’re the leading provider of Psychometric tests in the region and use one of the most advanced technology platforms to administer tests. We have both paper and computer based testing that enables candidates to do the tests from anywhere in the world.

Our Employment Tests

Aptitude Test.png

Aptitude Tests

Cognitive Aptitide Test  

  • Measures Critical thinking

  • Problem-solving abilities

  • Logic & Analysis

  • Memory

  • Attention to detail 

Attention Aptitude Test

  • Concentration Ability

  • Mental Fitness

  • Sustained Focus

  • Ability to Learn

Personality Test.png

Personality Tests

Employee Personality Profile 

Measures 12 personality traits that are predictive of employee's work style - Achievement, Assertiveness, Competitiveness, Conscientiousness, Cooperativeness, Extroversion, Managerial, Motivation, Openness, Patience, Self-Confidence, and Stress Tolerance.

Customer Service Personality Profile 

This test is administered to Customer service candidates/employees. It measures:

  • Patience

  • Diplomacy Skills

  • Cooperativeness

Skills Test.png

Skills Tests

Microsoft Office Proficiency

​Measures proficiency in use of Microsoft Office Applications - Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Each application is administered as a separate test.

Computer Literacy and Typing Speed

​Measures and tests competence in:

  • General use of computer

  • Competence in using email applications

  • Email writing and communication skills

  • Typing speed

  • Accuracy when typing

Sales Performance Predictor

This test is administered to sales related positions. It measures:

  • Persuasiveness

  • Extroversion

  • Energy

  • Assertiveness

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