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Putting together a winning team for a project can sometimes be a daunting task. You need a highly talented team but also a cohesive team that can work independently to deliver on the project on time, to the expected standards and within the budget. Some projects like construction of Renewable Energy sites and other similar technical and engineering projects may be happening in some remote areas. This means that you’ll need not only technically competent team, but also one that is versatile enough to cope and perform in adverse environments where needed. LEE & MYLES has the expertise to put together a team that delivers exceptionally well.


If you need construction, renovation or pre-opening teams for hospitality projects we can discuss on your unique needs and work on the right team for you.


A project may last a couple of months or several years with varying staffing needs at different stages. We can advise on the recruitment plan that optimizes your labor force requirements at each point.


We’ll also advise on contract details, statutory requirements as well as appropriate remuneration and compensation schemes for both skilled and non-skilled labor.

We also offer salary disbursement services for temporary and casual staff. This is usually done via Mpesa as per client's instructions. This ensures that your team gets their payments promptly wherever they may be locatted.

If you need recruitment services for your project, write to us:

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