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Organizations are constantly looking for the high performance executives to turn around the fortunes of their organizations.

Sadly, most of these highly talented executives are happy and confortable in their current jobs and may not actively be looking for fresh opportunities.

So, how do you reach them? And how do you get them interested? With our executive search services, you are able to close leadership positions in your organization in the most discrete and effective way possible. By taking advantage of our contacts, high level professional network, internal research resources, and industry knowledge, we are able to identify the right people suitable for the position. 

LEE & MYLES can help you target, attract and successfully engage these executives.

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Putting together a winning team for a project can sometimes be a daunting task. You need a highly talented team but also a cohesive team that can work independently to deliver on the project on time, to the expected standards and within the budget. Some projects like construction of Renewable Energy sites and other similar technical and engineering projects may be happening in some remote areas. This means that you’ll need not only technically competent team, but also one that is versatile enough to cope and perform in adverse environments where needed. LEE & MYLES has the expertise to put together a team that delivers exceptionally well.

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Businesses experiences highs and lows. Seasons of sales upsurge and low seasons – like Christmas, Easter and back-to-school. Therefore, it’s very important that business managers are able to scale up and trim down their workforce to reflect the level of activity within the business at any given time to optimize on productivity. 

Most of our clients also seek temporary staffing services because of special projects and also to cover up for employees who are on leave - Maternity Leave, Sick leave or annual leave.

Whether you're in hospitality and need locum waiters or in FMCG and need promoters or merchandisers, LEE & MYLES can put together an A-Team for you.

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As your business grows, employee management becomes increasingly complex. Managing the administration of all employees becomes hard and often very expensive. At this point the senior HR managers can easily lose sight of their strategic goals within the organization as they sink in day-to-day administrative work.


By outsourcing your staff management and obligations to us, you effectively reduce your organizational burdens as you no longer have to face these daily operational challenges.

Our staff outsourcing services are aimed at ensuring our clients focus on their core business while accessing efficient staff administration services, expert statutory compliance along with dedicated HR support.

Want to outsource your HR Function?

We can develop a tailored solution for your organization.


Let us know your current and anticipated recruitment and payroll management needs. We'll create a solution tailormade to the unique needs of your organization:

+254 741 48 17 42

Most startup and growing organizations prefer outsourcing their HR function in order to maintain a lean workforce.  If you have no HR department and want flexible HR services, you might benefit greatly by outsourcing some or all of your human resources function to us.

We allocate an experienced HR professional to your business to help in payroll processing, developing HR manuals, training your teams, assist in recruitment and on-boarding, drafting employee contracts and ensuring that your organization becomes fully compliant with applicable labour laws.  


We give you the benefits of having experienced human resources professionals dedicated to supporting your company’s HR needs without having to create a new position in your organization.

You can have our HR come to your place on a given schedule therefore optimizing on the available resources.




Payroll Management

We can offer payroll management services as a package with other services like staff outsourcing or as a stand-alone service. 

We provide payroll outsourcing service to local companies and foreign businesses looking to set up their operations in Kenya.

We manage those tedious tasks of payroll processing, disbursements and employee payroll tax returns to enable companies make their operations more efficient as well as comply with the local tax laws relating to their business.

  • Company and employee registration with tax and statutory authorities

  • Advise on existing labour and tax laws

  • Initial payroll set-up

  • Pay computations

  • Generation of payroll reports

  • Payment distribution to employees and remittance of other deductions

  • Statutory deductions payments and filings

  • Generation and distribution of payslips to employees

  • Process, distribute and file annual employee and statutory returns

  • Recruitment of staff

Bulk Recruitment

Bulk recruitment or mass recruitment refers to the need to staff a rapidly expanding business or a temporary project with a large number of employees, often with similar qualifications and job descriptions. This is usually happens in sectors such retail, FMCG, transportation, construction, manufacturing, research and telecom providers that requires hire a large workforce within a short period of time. Almost all the time, bulk recruitment creates a terrible strain within the HR office. Bulk hiring has always been one of the biggest challenges for both large and small organizations.

This is where LEE & MYLES steps in.
With the swelling demand for bulk recruitment, we set up a team that specifically focuses on providing high quality and efficient services to our clients. Where a client wants a complete office, starting from the low level to middle up to senior management, we help synchronize the process so that we have one cohesive time. Our team works on fine details to eliminate any possible fragmentation within the team – making it a smooth hierarchy from top to bottom. It also presents us with a unique opportunity to lay the foundation of the organization’s culture by ensuring that we have the right mix of people to start with.
For all bulk hiring assignments, we set us a dedicated team who work full time and commit their energy and focus in ensuring complete and successful staff sourcing process while adhering to quality and speed.

We work closely with the client’s HR team to prepare a needs assessment and a recruitment plan, taking care to maintain an optimal level of cost and time expenditures.

With our shortlisting services, you'll cut your usual recruitment cost by as much as 4X

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LEE & MYLES Recruitment offers shortlisting services to clients who wants to handle entire hiring process in-house but do not have enough time to go through tonnes of CVs from job applicants.

Whenever organizations advertise for a vacancy, they receive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applications. Sifting through the CVs to identify candidates that meets the set criteria is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's excruciatingly tedious and in some cases, hiring managers don't get to spot the best among the applicants due to time constraints. There are always a dozen other competing tasks to be attended to.


LEE & MYLES Recruitment understands that screening of applicants to find the best talent and the right fit for a position is an essential but also a time-consuming undertaking. While most companies want to have full control on the hiring process, the sheer amount of labour required to go through the applications is always a pain.  Our tailored CV/Resume screening services is designed to enable you make quick hiring decisions while having full control on the recruitment process.

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When auditing your HR Function, we’ll look at the processes and policies involving the following:

  • Hiring and Onboarding

  • Employee Contracts

  • Benefits

  • Compensation

  • Staff motivation strategies in place – both monetary and non-monetary

  • Performance evaluation process

  • Termination process and exit interviews

  • Grievances management systems

  • Job descriptions

  • Personnel file review

  • Training

  • Leave Plans – if they exist and if there’s compliance

  • Exposure to employee Litigation

  • Adherence to the labor laws

  • General workplace health

Hospitality Division of LEE & MYLES Recruitment is exclusively charged with recruitment for jobs in the hospitality industry. We serve clients - both local and international - who are looking to tap into the finest of the Kenyan hospitality talent. Our hospitality clients includes hotels, resorts and restaurants and spreads across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Dubai and Qatar.


Over the years, we've developed expertise in identifying careers in the hospitality industry, effectively placing candidates in hospitality industry jobs and professionalism in the hospitality executive search industry. We have a dedicated team of professionals who have expertise and sincere interest in meeting the needs of our clients and applicants within hospitality industry. Hospitality industry has become highly specialized and competitive. This is why we have a dedicated team

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