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A Human Resources Audit (or HR Audit) is a comprehensive exercise conducted by an HR Audit professional whose aim is to review current human resources policies, procedures, documentation, and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function as well as to assess compliance with the applicable rules and regulations. An Audit involves systematically reviewing all aspects of human resources, usually in a checklist fashion.


LEE & MYLES will send commit a team of experts to help you carry out HR audits to identify the gaps between the present status and what is expected.

The core purpose of conducting HR Audit in your organization is to recognize strengths and identify any needs for improvement in the human resources function.

We endeavor to execute HR Audits in a way that it clearly reveals areas of strength that you need to uphold as well as problem areas that needs to be worked. We provide recommendations and suggestions for the remedy of these problems. Some of the reasons to conduct such a review include.

Keeping your HR function healthy and compliant means that your organization is less exposed to risks of costly litigations by employees and penalties by the regulators because of non-compliance.

You’ll face more scrutiny if you have investors/shareholders around who are interested in investing in your business. HR function is one of the areas of “due diligence” review they will be keen on.


When auditing your HR Function, we’ll look at the processes and policies involving the following:

  • Hiring and Onboarding

  • Employee Contracts

  • Benefits

  • Compensation

  • Staff motivation strategies in place – both monetary and non-monetary

  • Performance evaluation process

  • Termination process and exit interviews

  • Grievances management systems

  • Job descriptions

  • Personnel file review

  • Training

  • Leave Plans – if they exist and if there’s compliance

  • Exposure to employee Litigation

  • Adherence to the labor laws

  • General workplace health



Once we finalize on the audit, we’ll file a report that gives the management a clear picture on areas of strengths and weaknesses. We’ll develop a comprehensive, but easy to execute program for your team to work on with clear deliverables, responsibility allocation and timelines. If it’s within the agreed scope of work, we can make regular follow-up meetings with the responsible teams to ensure that the execution of the recommendations is satisfactorily achieved within the set timelines and that there is continuity mechanism on the ground to avoid relapse.

Let's talk about carrying out an HR Audit in your firm:

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We also conduct Payroll Audit as a stand-alone service. If you would like us to conduct payroll audit in your organization, reach out to us.

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