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Waking up to hundreds of emails and juggling between tons of administrative tasks can sink your heart and make you unproductive.

Equally, If your organization is not tracking and responding to customer conversations on social media or emails, you could be losing massive business. Customers will relocate in a click if they don't find answers to their questions - real quick. 

Working with a Virtual Assistant is easier than ever before. Just request a consultation and let our client support team know what you’re looking for. They'll find the perfect VA for your needs, and you can start delegating immediately!

You need a Virtual Assistant to take care of these little things as you focus on the big things

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Here’s How It Works



Reach out to our Client support Manager and let her know what you're looking for

No matter how many assistants you need and what kind of work you need done, we'll pull a solution for you. Send us your request through the form on the left or fill in and submit this simple FORM.


Meet Your Assistant(s)
We know how important it is to find the right fit for your business. Based on your request, we'll get you the right VA for you.  Interview as many assistants as you want until you find the one that clicks.

Schedule a Kick-Off Meeting
To get things started, you’ll have a short conference call with your assistant’s manager and trainer to iron out the details and start onboarding your VA.

Breathe a Sigh of Relief
Life is good when you’ve got someone to take care of the little stuff





What are the benefits of a Virtual Assistant?

Cutting Overhead Costs


No paying payroll taxes, insurance or benefits – Our clients are not responsible for any employee-related costs.

We use our own office space and equipment – Eliminating the extra expense and logistical issue for our clients.

No paying for idle hands – Costing our clients only for the time we are productive on their behalf.

Minimal training expense – Our professionals are experts in performing the services we offer.

Helping you get more productive


Taking administrative tasks off our clients’ shoulders – Freeing time for them to focus on their main duties.

Cutting down the work load – Making those lengthy “to do” lists more manageable for a day’s work.

Providing assistance wherever, whenever – Whether our clients are in the air or on the road, we are there on the go.


5+ Years of experience

All our Virtual Assistants have over 5 years of experience in their respective fields


Available 24/7

Depending on your business needs, you can have your  Virtual Assistants organized around your work schedules


We support your VA

We assign an Account Manager to constantly check on your VA and offer them support to deliver superior levels of work to you.


English-speaking VAs

All our Virtual Assistants are college-educated and are fluent English speakers

Be in constant touch with your Virtual Assistant via call, text, or video. Schedule tasks via Basecamp, Trello or Slack. 






In the age of remote working, we leverage on the power of Basecamp so that you can easily collaborate with your virtual teams to deliver on tasks

Basecamp 2.png

Why Basecamp?

  • It's super easy for our clients to set up. No need to learn anything new. 

  • You can assign tasks, track progress, chat with your VAs, share and store docs and files, ask questions and schedule meetings - all in one space.

  • Your VA can work with different persons/teams or projects without the necessity of sending numerous emails. 

  • Easy to track communication flow in one space. You can see all responses on a project or topic at one glance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers about your Virtual Assistant. If you can't get an answer to your question here, click on the 'ASK ME' button below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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