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Staffing services for Hospitality Industry

Kenya is one of the leading countries with highly qualified hospitality professionals. You'll find Kenyans working with the global hospitality brands in all corners of the world - in Canada, Seychelles, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, Nigeria, London, Paris, USA and a host of many other places.

Hospitality Division of LEE & MYLES Recruitment is exclusively charged with recruitment for jobs in the hospitality industry. We serve clients - both local and international - who are looking to tap into the finest of the Kenyan hospitality talent. Our hospitality clients includes hotels, resorts and restaurants and spreads across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Dubai and Qatar.


Over the years, we've developed expertise in identifying careers in the hospitality industry, effectively placing candidates in hospitality industry jobs and professionalism in the hospitality executive search industry. We have a dedicated team of professionals who have expertise and sincere interest in meeting the needs of our clients and applicants within hospitality industry. Hospitality industry has become highly specialized and competitive. This is why we have a dedicated team

 LEE & MYLES Recruitment is committed and dedicated to assisting our  clients in achieving their business growth through effective recruitment of key personnel. When you choose our company, you are always guaranteed the benefit of a dedicated and committed group of professionals to meet your company’s recruitment needs. With years of specialization, we've build a rich talent pool of hospitality professionals that we can engage to get you the right talent for your business. This also means that we have an advantage of activating passive candidates who might not be actively looking for a job and therefore hard to reach through normal job advertising.

We aim for both Client and Applicant satisfaction.

We provide specialized services to the following categories of hospitality businesses:

  • Hotels

  • Resorts

  • Restaurants

  • Clubs

  • Corporate Kitchens

  • Campus Dining Facilities

  • Casinos

  • Spas

  • Food Service/Caterers

  • Private Residence Service

  • Bakeries

  • Food & Beverage Production

Below is a list of the types of job searches we conduct and fill for our clients on a regular basis:

C-level Hospitality Industry Positions:
CEO, CFO, CMO, Asset Manager

General Manager, Group General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Clubhouse Manager, Operations Manager, Hotel Manager, Camp Manager/Supervisor, Lodge Manager, Duty Manager.

Rooms Division Manager, Front Office Manager/Supervisor, Reservations Manager/Supervisor, Concierge, Director of Housekeeping, Executive Housekeeper, Assistant Housekeepers, Maintenance Engineer, Laundry Manager, Guest Relations Officer.

Food & Beverage Positions:
Director of Food and Beverage, Food & Beverage Manager/Supervisor, Restaurant Manager/GM, Banquet Manager, Beverage Manager, Sommelier, Catering Manager, Catering Sales Manager, Hosts/Hostess, Waiters, Barmen, Baristas.

Culinary Positions:
Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Chef de Partie, Personal Chef, Steward, Restaurant Chef, Kitchen Manager, Production Chef, Banquet Chef, Pastry Chef, Cooks.


Director of Finance, Finance Controller, Senior Accountant, Credit Contoller/Manager, Revenue Manager, Asset Manager, Business Analyst, Audit Manager, F&B Controller, Procurement Manager, Payroll Accountant, Inventory Accountant, IT Manager

Human Resources:
Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Manager, HR Business Partner, HR Officer,  Recruiter, Training Manager

Sales & Marketing:
Sales & Marketing Manager/Director, Sales & Marketing Executives, PR,& Communication Manager, Special Events Coordinator

Operations Manager/Director, Spa Manager, Assistant Spa Manager, Spa Marketing Executive, Corporate Relations Manager/Executive

University/College Campus Food Service Positions:
Director of Food Services, F&B Controller, Procurement/Purchasing Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Hygiene Manager/Supervisor, Revenue Controller, Executive Chef, Chefs, Waiters, External Catering Sales Executive, Credit Controller

For all your hospitality recruitment needs, please write to us:  |  +254 741 48 17 42


LEE & MYLES Hospitality Division can help you find temporary staff for a day, a week, a month or a year, matching their skills with your business needs to create the perfect fit.

We know that your business might be in urgent need of staffing to cover for some unseen circumstances and therefore we're always prepared to deploy within 48 hrs. Whether you are a hotel looking for extra support over a busy period, or a restaurant looking for extra manpower over busy weekends we can help. We always aim for excellence in matching your requirements with outstanding candidates efficiently.

Brief us on your next requirement by calling +254 741 48 17 42 or email us.

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Permanent recruitment is at the heart of LEE & MYLES Hospitality Recruitment Division. 

We collaborate with hospitality establishments of all sizes to provide outstanding support, filling vacancies with the best candidates in the market. Our Hospitality recruitment team works closely with our clients to ensure that no tiny detail is left out during the recruitment process.


Whether it’s entry-level support, or senior general manager assistance, we present you with a shortlist of  the right candidates that will add value and enhance your organisation’s culture and performance.

We take a tailored approach in our recruitment process. Once we've received a brief from the client on the role to be filled, we advertise your role on our website as well as appropriate job sites. We also have an extensive network of hospitality professionals that we reach out to. This multi-approach process ensures that we are also able to reach out to great candidates who are passive and would ordinarily not see or apply for an open job opportunity.

We meet every candidate face-to-face so we gain a strong understanding of their career background, personalities, style, achievements and what they’re looking for in their next job assignment. Typically, we meet and interview 10 - 15 candidates for each position and send you a list of the best 3 or 4 candidates that best meets the requirements of the position. From there you choose the right person among the list of the best.

Fast. Flexible. Efficient

We are, so that you can get the right talent when you need it.

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Holidays and other peak seasons always presents staffing challenges to businesses due to unpredictable spikes in level of activities. Planning for optimal workforce becomes hard. On-demand staffing solution from LEE & MYLES Recruitment can help you get ready with zero stress. 

During peak season, businesses like hotels, restaurants, retailers and warehouses get much busier, but it can be extremely hard to predict the actual human resource demands. It’s not easy to deal with these fluctuations and get the right staff scheduled in the right number and at the right time when needed. You'll, most likely, find yourself firefighting. Often, this will get you disorganized and unable to accurately make decisions.

Imagine a scenario where you're able to get to a mobile App and place order for last-minute workers with just a few clicks! By using our on-demand staffing solution, our clients are always able to have the workers they need whenever they need them. That way, your business don’t lose money by being over or understaffed. You can comfortably and flexibly adjust your workforce to reflect the present needs of your business at a moment’s notice—even during off-hours.

LEE & MYLES Recruitment uses Deploy Application by Shiftgig to curate and avail talented workforce so that you can have on-demand staff, your way.

"Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers" - Stephen R. Covey

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