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The best time to start building your

Remote Workforce is now!

We're here 24/7 to offer Customer Service Support

Multichannel Customer support.
Scalable conversations on every channel.

Our teams are flexible and work quickly across all channels. Email, chat, voice and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Our goal is to deliver a scalable omnichannel experience to your customers - to grows your business faster.

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Social Media

The business environment has evolved so fast and customers are not willing to wait. They need instant feedback to enable them make decisions. Businesses have realized that keeping customers engaged reduces churn and as well as building a community of loyal customers. We keep your Customer interactions Live so that you can concentrate on your core business without worrying that you could lose touch with your customers.

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We've built remote work capabilities to fuel organizations' growth. Now, you don't have to worry about adding more desks or computers or extra office space whenever you add new members to your team...because we have that already figured out.

Want to outsource your HR Function?

We have a solution. Talk to us.

HR Function outsourcing. If you want to keep your team lean or do not have HR department at all, our outsourced HR services could be of great value. You get an experienced HR Officer to take care of all your internal HR matters. This service is very flexible to suit your current business needs.

Most startup and growing organizations prefer outsourcing their HR function in order to maintain a lean workforce.  If you have no HR department and want flexible HR services, you might benefit greatly by outsourcing some or all of your human resources function to us.

We allocate an experienced HR professional to your business to help in payroll processing, developing HR manuals, training your teams, assist in recruitment and on-boarding, drafting employee contracts and ensuring that your organization becomes fully compliant with applicable labour laws.  


We give you the benefits of having experienced human resources professionals dedicated to supporting your company’s HR needs without having to create a new position in your organization.

You can have our HR come to your place on a given schedule therefore optimizing on the available resources.

HR Function outsourcing. If you want to keep your team lean or do not have HR department at all, our outsourced HR services could be of great value. You get an experienced HR Officer to take care of all your internal HR matters. This service is very flexible to suit your current business needs.

Serviced Office Space for our International Clients

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We understand that international companies, especially startups, may require some level of comfort in the initial days of setting up their businesses in Kenya. There is quite a lot to be done from incorporating the business to recruitment.

We, therefore, offer our clients serviced office space for up to 3 staff as they organize to secure themselves suitable office space. This is a supplimentary service and therefore highly subsidized. This service is exclusively available and reserved only to our clients for up to a maximum of 12 Months. The client will enjoy: 

  • Fast Internet

  • Access Monday - Saturday from 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM

  • A dedicated desk (up to 3 people)

  • Free Boardroom use (subject to time and availability)

  • Coffee

  • Serene work environment



We can help put together a winning team for your startup.

Recruiting the right people for your business is hard. It’s even harder for startups. Startup Founders also knows very well that the success of their business much depends on the team they hire. As Steve Jobs once famously said, “When you’re in a startup, the first 10 people will determine whether the company succeeds or not. The people whom you choose to hire can have a major impact on the ultimate success of your business. This fact puts a lot of pressure of Startup Founders. Sifting through hundreds of applications to spot the right candidates can also be excruciatingly tedious yet you may have other critical parts of the business like fundraising to take care of.

Startups have unique requirements and at LEE & MYLES we take care of this. We know that the most brilliant candidate with a rich corporate background might not be the right candidate for a startup. Someone coming from a structured corporate environment may find it hard to cope and deliver in a usually unstructured, startup environment. Most Startups and growth stage companies are constantly looking for the talent with the right mix of skills and exposure.

Are you searching for top professionals from Kenya to work for your business abroad? 

 Kenya is famed for producing some of the most refined professionals in hospitality, construction, retail, luxury retail, manufacturing, trade, engineering, transport and logistics, tourism among others. Companies in Middle East, Europe, Indian Ocean Countries and other African markets come to source for talent in Kenya whenever they need specialized skills for their business. LEE & MYLES Recruitment is your perfect partner for all your recruitment needs. We'll do local job advertising, screening, interviews, background checks and facilitate Skype interviews between you and suitable candidates. Talk to us.


60% of our international job placements are in the hospitality industry

Hospitality Division of LEE & MYLES Recruitment is a team of professionals fully dedicated to recruitment for hospitality industry. They devote their entire time scouting for the fine talent for our hospitality clients - both local and international. This enables us to source the best hospitality professionals from Kenya and deploy them to any part of the world quickly and effectively. We've successfully recruited for Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Casinos, Camps, Resorts and colleges.

If you're looking for a reliable recruitment partner for your business, LEE & MYLES Recruitment is here for you.


These amazing guys make it happen:


Myles Munene
Senior Lead - Remote Support

Haron is a Corporate trainer, recruitment executive and a motivational speaker handling a strong portfolio in Kenya and Rwanda. He’s a public relations tactician and a trainer on Customer Service, Communication for results, corporate governance and Public Relations. He’s also the Co-founder, JIRE Gold Solutions, a Corporate training firm with offices in Kenya and Rwanda.

Joining Soon!

Ops & Capacity Building Lead

Stellah has a wealth of experience with over 8 years as an HR practitioner and trainer. She is also the Co-founder, Microshop Stores, an upcoming convenience retailer with three stores in Nairobi.

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Stellah Williams
(BA - HRM, H.Dip)

Client Relations Manager

Marysheillah A. Ogore

Senior Recruitment Officer

Ogore makes everyone’s work easy as a support staff. She brings on board rich experience in front office, office administration, Customer service and Client relations, gained in the recruitment and HR outsourcing industry.


Check out our professional CV writing services!

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Cuts across all industries

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