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PEOPLE is our business

We take each of our client's assignment very seriously.  Our word is our promise. We keep it because that's entirely all we've got.


We know that in the fast-paced corporate world, our customers don’t have the time or resources to sift through hundreds (or thousands) of applications when they need an immediate placement solution. Looking for the right candidate from these hundred of applications is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's excruciatingly tedious. Our job is to find the best candidates in the market and deliver them to our clients in a timely manner. 

We know technology is revolutionizing the way we find and engage potential candidates but at LEE & MYLES we also understand that the human touch in identifying the right candidates for job is irreplaceable. When it comes to identifying potential candidates for an open position, we take a very hands-on approach and does all the legwork for you. Your dedicated LEE & MYLES Recruitment Account Executive will work closely with you to make sure that we find the right person(s) as quickly as possible. We'll take care of the entire process - advertising, sifting through applications, screening and interviewing. 

One of the greatest advantage are clients are able to enjoy is our extensive network and and the pool of thousands of talent we have in our database. This means that we're able to fill the most difficult-to-fill positions quickly. It also means that we can engage passive candidates who are a great match for the role and who would, otherwise, never have responded/applied to a job advert.


 Following an extensive interview process, we send you only three or four of our best candidates.

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Our recruitment process

It might seem like a tedious process but every stage is important in landing the right candidate

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Sifting through applications to identify candidates with the right mix of skills-set and background

Phone interviews, we

can gauge suitability of as many candidates as possible before inviting them for face to face interview

After the phone interview, we invite the candidates we feel closely meets the role requirements for a face to face interview

We verify the candidates' documents and get referees comments. At the request of the client, we do background checks

Where we feel that the information we have is not good enough to make outright decision, we may call the candidates again for another round of interview

We send the client our best 3 or 4 candidates that we have shortlisted. Where need be, we share brief notes on candidates to assist the client in final decision 

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Request for CVs

Maybe all you need is a bunch of CVs and decide for yourself which candidates to invite for an interview!

Our shortlisting services will get you highly talented and experienced candidates - real quick. With this service, we screen hundreds of CVs and shortlist a pool of candidates that meets a minimum of 80% of the qualifying criteria for the role as per the JD.


We combine a number of resource tools to pull out profiles of great candidates:

  • We comb our extensive database

  • We activate our networks

  • We advertise on popular job sites

  • We pull passive candidates from LinkedIn

Once we have suitable CVs, we do phone screening just to be sure that our selection meets the job requirements. For this service, we do not conduct face-to-face interviews. 

Finally, we send you the most suitable candidates' CVs, typically 5 - 20 (depending on client's preference) for you to make quick recruitment and hiring decisions. This saves you enormous amount of time - and money too.

Why Choose our shortlisting services?

  1. Saves you as much as 4X the cost you would incur for a full recruitment service.

  2. Gives you full control on your internal recruitment process. With the large pool of candidates we share with you, you have a bigger space to determine who to call for interviews

  3. Saves you enormous amount of time. Looking for suitable candidates among the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applicants is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is one of the biggest time consuming - and boring - task for HR/Hiring Managers. We take away this pain so that you can spend your valuable time on more strategic parts of your business.

Talk to us on your shortlisting or recruitment needs. We are, so that you'll never have to worry about getting the right talent to drive your business.

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