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Bulk recruitment or mass recruitment refers to the need to staff a rapidly expanding business or a temporary project with a large number of employees, often with similar qualifications and job descriptions. This is usually happens in sectors such retail, FMCG, transportation, construction, manufacturing, research and telecom providers that requires hire a large workforce within a short period of time. Almost all the time, bulk recruitment creates a terrible strain within the HR office. Bulk hiring has always been one of the biggest challenges for both large and small organizations.

This is where LEE & MYLES steps in.
With the swelling demand for bulk recruitment, we set up a team that specifically focuses on providing high quality and efficient services to our clients. Where a client wants a complete office, starting from the low level to middle up to senior management, we help synchronize the process so that we have one cohesive time. Our team works on fine details to eliminate any possible fragmentation within the team – making it a smooth hierarchy from top to bottom. It also presents us with a unique opportunity to lay the foundation of the organization’s culture by ensuring that we have the right mix of people to start with.
For all bulk hiring assignments, we set us a dedicated team who work full time and commit their energy and focus in ensuring complete and successful staff sourcing process while adhering to quality and speed.

We work closely with the client’s HR team to prepare a needs assessment and a recruitment plan, taking care to maintain an optimal level of cost and time expenditures.


Our recruitment process is very robust from the initial screening, interviews, skills tests as well as pre-employment checks wherever necessary and required. Depending the project size and duration, we can deploy a dedicated team to work at the client’s office or set up an external office at or near the site of the project to ensure smooth and timely exchange with the client’s team.


Our bulk recruitment services provide our clients with:

  • An dedicated team of experienced recruiters

  • A large database of suitable candidates

  • Standby teams to ensure quick replacement for those who may quite the job

  • Assurance of full confidentiality

  • Preparing and placing of job advertisements

  • Arranging and conducting interviews

  • Verified candidates’ background

  • Getting health records where this is required and within the law

  • Preparing and presenting work contracts

  • At the discretion of the client, we can also recruit and deploy highly talented team supervisors to work with the client for successful work execution

If you need bulk recruitment services, write to us:

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